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A little about myself…

Hi there.
My name is Stephen. I am IN-NO-V8. Older, no wiser.



Ten Strange Facts About IN-NO-V8

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That Time I met the President of Haiti

I was filming in a Church in Cap Hatien when a camerman shoved a media pass around my neck, and the next thing I knew, the President showed up....

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That Time I climbed half way to Heaven

On a cloudless morning I was fortunate to climb to 4000 meters, almost half as high as Everest, for a taste of the mountain life. More pictures and videos to come...

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5,704 Miles. 11 years.

A handful of marathons, trail runs, and a bunch of adventures along the way. My longest relationship is with running, A lot of running.

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That Time I got on Botchamania

All I can say is, if you know, you know.
Botchamania 434. 8 Mins 34 seconds. I captured a wresting botch from Pokhara, Nepal (most remote botch submission ever??)

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That Time I got the signature from a convicted predator

Happier, more innocent times (for both me, and Mr. Rolf Harris)...I got his signature when I was a young fan....oh how time changes things...

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That Time I was a TV star in China

I hosted a weekly TV show on Shaghai Education TV (A satellite station with a potential audience of 12 million people, although I am sure viewing figures were much.....MUCH....lower...)

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My stand-up comedy career lasted 4 shows.

I bombed on stage in the 4th show. I have rarely felt something so debilitating than to bomb on stage. But, I tried. It was an experience...

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My Costumed Past

I have dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog, Santas Helper (with pointy slippers, tights, and bells) and the Easter Bunny, amongst other secret identities...

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That Time I was a DJ in Las Vegas

Believe it or not, I have been a DJ in many countries, and for around 3 years solid in China I played in a nightclub rather optimistically called 'Las Vegas''. Part Nightclub, part boxing ring, part Karaoke Joint...

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That Time I was a failed actor.

Teechnically I am a star of stage and screen (if you count the stage as a community college theatre group, and the screen as VHS video screen).

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I am a freelance videographer, web designer, and digital artist. My work changes from contract to contract, sometimes creating jingles for an online radio station, sometimes working on a documentary filming , sometimes setting a womans' dress on fire. I like my life.

I have worked for big companies, and small companies. My work has been seen on HBO and Intel, amongst others.

I have been lucky enough to do what I love for the past 8 years. I am learning and improving and investing in my work every day, and I want to work with you.

Contact me.