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I have been fortunate enough to foster longer-term relationships with a number of clients; a small number lasting over a decade, such as Monde Ose and Scarlett James
LoudGuitars is one such example of a longer-term client relationship. I have worked with the organization for around 7 or 8 years.
It strikes me that after establishing a level of trust with the client, we mature and expand mutually; both parties aiming to improve their services and learn their respective trades. This, in turn, feeds back into the client-creator relationship; each party trying to move forward and learn from the other.
I can chart my web and video experience over time by looking back at the work produced for LoudGuitars. The first website was a pure html/php/flash website, back in 2010, reflecting the main work and experience I had at the time. Technically, the first version of the website has not aged particularly well, but visually, I am still proud of the first version.
Over time, my work progressed from html to Joomla and WordPress, to content management systems and plug ins, but over time, I have managed to incorporate just about all of my skillset with these longer term clients; from videography and motion graphics, filming and producing consistent branding and content for their YouTube channel, to establishing a podcast and finding an efficient way to work it into the website, to developing a general ‘LoudGuitars’ look and feel, evolving over time.
I consider myself lucky to gain the trust of a client and develop these long-term working relationships that allow both of us to grow and create over a longer timeframe.

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Skills utilized were anything digital, from video creation to web creation and more…

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