Music Creation

I have previously discussed this in the 'More' page, creating music and sound effects to add to my repertoire, but because I haven't really had time to create recently, and the projects I had taken on didn't include much sound creation, I hadn't included it in my portfolio. However, music creation is something I am proud of, and I have utilized it in past client pieces.

The video above is a great example where I was able to combine filming, editing, and music creation to deliver a fully realized project.


A client needed a video to illustrate an upcoming event titled 'Call of the Wild'. We were reluctant to use copyrighted music, and wanted a soundtrack to highlight the nature of the event, so I decided to make a soundtrack to accompany the video. The benefit being, I could more tightly edit the piece to the music, and was able to create a length and feeling ideal for the effect we wanted to achieve.

In many pieces, I have been able to add custom sound effects to an opening title sequence or branding, for example. In larger projects, entire sequences were re-created because the original audio was not good enough, for example, in my short film Bon-Zo: Chapter 2. The entire film's audio was recreated in post, including a complex boxing sequence, full of effects.

Finally, there is music creation for the sake of pure artistic expression, as in the following examples. In these songs, I have taken dream narratives recorded by a couple of my friends, and edited them to a new song creation. The second song was two different dreams by two friends, recorded in very different circumstances, but I decided to edit them together as if it's a conversation between two people. The narrative makes no sense upon further examination, but sounds like a cohesive whole when listened to casually.

With the 'mutual dream' I added a quick music video based on cellphone footage of my travels in my recent mini-asian tour. Because there were vertical videos, I wasnt sure what to do with them. Somehow it fitted well enough into the dream narrative in this song.