One-Minute Runs

I have been sitting on gigs and gigs of archival footage for months, in some cases, for years. Trying to find the time and space to make something out of it, and being in the right creative frame of mind. I am my own worst critic, and generally if I release a video, I need it to be as high quality as I can be satisfied with, but over time, this builds up a mental block when it comes to output. The more footage I have, the more creative decisions, the  more pressure to put out a long form quality video, and the cycle continues….

So, in order to ease the pressure, and enabling me to attempt to catch up with my archival footage, I have made a series of quick videos, with a time limit. The time limit is the maximum video length for an Instagram upload. It feels like peoples’ attention spans are getting shorter all the time, so putting a self imposed limit on me forces me to work quickly and efficiently, and not try and over-produce something. Also it is an interesting experiment in narrative storytelling, trying to get an entire encapsulation of a run event out in a minute.

So, here are some of my running experiences, in what I hope is an expanding series called ‘One-Minute Runs’.