Scarlett James

I have been fortunate to be able to work for two long term clients for the best part of a decade. I consider this a relatively rare experience in my line of work. The usual working relationships are short term, individual contracts. Scarlett James, a burlesque performer, and creator of the Montreal Burlesque Festival, an annual event in Montreal has fostered a creative partnership with me that has enabled me to work in a variety of different digital mediums over the years. From photography and poster design, to magazine layouts, websites, and video trailers, and much more. I am thankful for the opportunity to have an ongoing working relationship and a hand in shaping the branding of her over the years.

Poster Design

The first Montreal Burlesque Festival was a huge leap into the unknown…none of the organizers, myself included, had handled an event of such magnitude, and although the team was confident that there was potential for success, given the resurgence of Burlesque, it was a logistical and financial challenge to prove itself and create a new annual landmark amongst a crowded festival schedule in Montreal. 
Here is a selection of poster designs I have created over the years for the Burlesque Festival, and other events from Scarlett James.

Website Work

In addition to the Montreal Burlesque Festival, there have been a number of other website projects over the years. This is a sample of some of the websites I have designed for the client.

Branding / Logos

Creating a brand is important to the long-lasting appeal of a product, and reinforcing that brand over the years has added consistency and durability of that brand.