Strange Statues

I can't say if this is a curious Asian-wide issue, or it's more prevalent in Thailand. I try to avoid going around consciously 'collecting' images of this type…however, if a public statue jumps out at me, I am drawn to document it. There is something more specific here than just public art, or statues, as you can find those pretty much anywhere. However, there is something specific in this type of public statue found here. I am not sure why there are certain emerging subsections….Super heroes seem to be common (Marvel but not DC, for some reason…?)…creepy cartoon mascot-esque status stand ominously outside restaurants, ready to devour the souls of brave travelers that venture within their plastic reach (in what logic does a scary statue encourage patrons to enter establishments?)
Anyway, it's an interesting theme. I could have taken many more images, but wanted to keep it to a decent cross section.