The Spiritual Playboy

Frank Mondeose, or ‘The Spiritual Playboy’ is a client I have worked with for over a decade. Of all the clients I have worked with, his has been the most interesting journey.
When we first met, he was running regular events as the head of Monde Ose, and I eventually was able to maintain his Joomla website at the time. From website maintenance eventually came filming and editing event videos, and trailers for those events. You can see the work I made for Monde Ose following the above link.
Then, a few years ago, the business focus and character changed, and the business model changed accordingly, from the events management and the cycle of videos and promotion to more spiritual journeys. It was a fascinating shift from the world of business to the world of spirituality.
After some encouragement, Frank Mondeose decided to document his ongoing journey, so what started as an experiment transformed into a 3 year ongoing worldwide journey, documented in weekly vlogs on a youtube channel. I was given the responsibility of editing weekly vlogs, and creating a website for them. In the 3 years since this experiment started, it has increased my video editing skills, creating an ongoing narrative to document Frank’s journeys.

From that came a website to frame the journeys, and some investment in new documentary type gear. 
The great thing is that, once a level of trust is established with Frank, he is open to exploring new levels of technology to aid him on his journey, so together we have upgraded his vlogging gear, starting with a vlogging camera, more recently adding a drone, and now an advanced live streaming setup, plus sound recording gear for podcasts.
It is great to be a part of this ongoing journey, and witness his expanding social media presence, and I am glad to be able to expand my skillset alongside him and explore multimedia offerings.