Video Work and Showreels

Video is my first love, my opportunity to create and express myself. My primary output has been promotional trailers for events such as the Montreal Burlesque Festival and Monde Ose’s Bal Erotique and Royal Burlesque Ball.

However, my output has been varied, including motion graphics, titles, sound design, computer animation, vfx and MORE. The youtube playlist below highlights a variety of work including videography, VFX, and motion graphics, encapsulating many highlights from the past decade or so of work.

My main piece of gear is my DSLR camera, currently a Panasonic GH-4 and equipment set up primarily for mobile videography. The idea is to remain as portable and self-contained as possible, in order to travel to a location, set-up and film, with as much support equipment as necessary in order to fulfill the contract. The gear below is an incomplete picture, but it represents the culmination of a lot of time and effort to provide the optimal portable filmmaking kit for my clients needs.


For more examples of my work, full-length videos, artistic one-off pieces, and generally more eye candy, check out my youtube channel by clicking the banner below…