A Decade of Monde Osé



As a working freelancer, it is easy to get caught up in the details of the work…always focused on the next project, keeping up with the latest gear developments, learning software, meeting deadlines…..It is nice to look over a long term output from time to time and reflect on work with a client. A relationship built on trust over time becomes a partnership, and a friendship, with all the ups and downs that accompany a relationship of that type….creative differences, stressful deadlines, difficult compromises, but also a rewarding interaction. Both parties have confidence in their abilities and strengths, and have faith in the other person to consistently deliver over time.

It is a rare thing indeed when a client can hand over a project and allow me to ‘do what I do’ secure in the knowledge that they will receive the finished product they need. I have learned a lot over the years about videography…..filming in enclosed spaces, capturing intimate moments in a very public space, attempting to be unobtrusive, telling a narrative and summarizing an event in the edit.

My day job these days…or rather, my night job in this case…filming at Monde Ose, Halloween, 2013