Ongoing Work

There are a number of promising projects I have been involved with over the years that haven't realized their potential for multiple reasons. For example, I was hired to set up a couple of online radio stations, so now I have experience in setting up a complete internet radio project, but the stations were short-lived. I helped with a website that had a video with a million plus views, but it went down due to internal copyright squabbles. It is frustrating when promising projects never materialize, but it is also a part of the freelancers experience.
Two notable projects that may yet see the light of day, but deserve some kind of exposure, even in their raw progressive stage are below.

A Trip to Haiti – Kabap Global International Jan 2015

I had the privilege to travel with a charity to Haiti in January 2015, Kapab Global International, and film them and their efforts to establish local education and healthcare in Cap-Haitien.  I have made a couple of videos from the project, but for various reasons, I am sitting on the majority of 9-plus hours worth of footage yet to be seen. It is at the top of my to-do list to finish the project, but for now, we have some pictures and videos to share from the trip.

You can read all about the trip in my blog here:

The Frontline of Colors – Regina, Canada Sept. 2010

My first 'big' project to be involved in was a 9-day documentary trip to Regina and Saskatchewan. I was tasked with buying the filmmaking equipment and operating them during the trip. This involved researching the gear and also figuring out how to use them for the trip. It was my first Panasonic purchase, the GH-1. I have now owned a GH1,3 and 4. The main camera was a Canon 5D Mk III. I bought a rig, lights, wireless mics, and accessories.
The project was documenting immigrants and ethnic minorities who fought for the Canadians in WW2, and the aftermath and experiences of these people since the war. We traveled to various locations around Regina and Saskatchewan, visiting mainly First-Nation tribes and people who had experiences, and their families.

The project has yet to take off, but there is occasionally talk of making a short film out of the footage. It was a great learning experience for me in many aspects, especially about documentary filmmaking, and I hope to repeat the work in future.

You can read all about the trip in my blog here: